Assistance of Czech Chamber of Commerce in the issue of CERTIFICATE OF THE FORCE MAJEURE INTERVENTION in times of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. What is a force majeure certificate – a certificate stating that a company was unable to meet its contractual obligations, which may be subject to sanctions in favor of the contractor because it was prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond its control or averted; occurred independently of her will, such as floods and other natural disasters, war, strike, accidental accident, etc. The certificate can be used to notify the business partner, or even judicial and mediation proceedings.
  2. Who can apply for a certificate – the certificate can be issued to an applicant who is registered in the statutory register (eg a Czech company, a branch of a foreign company) who has a contractual relationship with a foreign entity.
  3. Who can issue a certificate of force majeure – only the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic is entitled to issue a certificate of force majeure – contact: certifiká After sending your order, you will be contacted to specify the required documents and information to issue a certificate of force majeure.
  4. What documents do I need in order to prove force majeure – in the order in the note category – it is necessary to give a brief description of the event or fact, which the applicant wants to confirm by force majeure certificate. In specific situations, it will be necessary to provide contractual documentation that demonstrates the contractual relationship. It will always be necessary to assess each case on a case-by-case basis whether the emergency measures proclaimed by the government were affected
  5. What confirmation do I need to prove force majeure – the declaration of a state of emergency or restriction of movement is ordered by a government resolution. A government resolution or at least the number of a specific resolution (depending on which prohibition has resulted in a failure to fulfill contractual obligations) may be attached.
  6. Price of the certificate – the issue of the certificate is charged. Up to 50% discount for force majeure certificates is provided as part of the emergency declaration. With regard to the personnel capacity of the HK ČR Office, force majeure interventions are issued only within 7 or more than 7 working days. Price list (all prices are without 50% discount):
    Certificate issued within 7 working days Certificate issued over 7 working days
    variant A variant B variant A variant B
    Certificate of force majeure in the Czech language 5 000 Kč 7 000 Kč 4 200 Kč 6 000 Kč
    Certificate of force majeure in foreign language 8 000 Kč 10 000Kč 6 000 Kč 8 000 Kč
  • Variant A includes a certificate of one fact.
  • Variant B includes certification of two or more facts.
  • Certificates in a foreign language are issued in English; or in languages notified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (according to the current language competence of the authorized person).
  • The deadlines for issuing the certificate shall be calculated from the next working day following the submission of the last document required by the applicant.
  • Certificates shall be drawn up in two copies for one case. 20% of the price determined according to the above principles is charged for each additional copy.