New confirmation required

Document entitled Confirmation of an entity receiving in the territory of the Czech Republic a third country citizen for the purpose of economic activity or educational activity will be from 13.7. require when applying for visas and stays for the purpose of economic or educational activities, which will be submitted through embassies (copies will suffice). And it will be required even if you submit application earlier, but you are still waiting for issuing a visa. The document can be downloaded here: VZOR-potvrzeni_prijimajiciho_subjektu_na_uzemi_CR_cizince_ze_3_zeme_CZ-EN_-_20200630


Covid-19 test

After arriving in the Czech Republic from the People’s Republic of China or another country located in the red zone, ie in the zone with a high incidence of Covid-19, you are now required to report to a hygiene station (immediately upon arrival) and take an RT-PCR test in Covid-19 in the Czech Republic, NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS FROM ARRIVAL, and the result will be then communicated to the hygiene. You must be quarantined until the negative result.


Conditions for visiting Ministry of Interior offices from July 1st, 2020

After your arrival or return to the Czech Republic, wait with the visit of MOI office 14 days due to preventive reasons. Earlier entry to the MOI office will be possible only after submission of SARS CoV-2 test with negative result.
Access to the MOI office is still possible only on the basis of previously pre-bookedappointment.
VISIT WITHOUT ARRANGING YOUR APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE will be possible only for acts, which cannot be postponed:

  1. Issuing of the bridging label for traveling abroad from the Czech Republic, for workers in international transport, workers of critical infrastructure or for requirements of state authorities of the Czech Republic. Purpose must be proven.
  2. Take-over of the document delivered by public notice.
  3. Issuing of departure order, if period for traveling abroad from the Czech Republic was determined by decision.
  4. Submission of application for long-term visa, long-term residence permit or permanent residence permit for child born in the territory of the Czech Republic (§ 88 of the Act on the Residence of Foreign nationals in the Czech Republic).
  5. If foreign national was previously invited by administrative authority.